Recreational Vehicle (RV) Campground


Our scenic "Mosella" RV campground

. .

Friendly staff, spacious parking, sanitary facilities directly opposite the restaurant.


Indulge yourself in our restaurant, or enjoy homemade treats from the bakery as well as delicious and hearty Mosel delicacies from our

butcher shop.


And best of all, everything is only a few short steps away, including the Mosel!


We have miles of bike paths, hiking in the steepest vineyard in Europe (Calmont), swimming or simply pure enjoyment of the surroundings, all of

which you will find in the immediate vicinity of your "Mosella" RV park.


We look forward to seeing you!


The Frank Schinnen Family




Holiday on the Mosel: One of Germany’s best wine regions, gorgeous landscapes in the land of the Nibelungen sagas.